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 2016 BTRHOA Committees


     Hospitality Committee (Judy Wilson, chair):  Carol Alexander, Jo Anna Halda, Cheryl Kolshak, Cyndi McDonald, Debbie Quella, Marianne Reed, Mary Rouse, Joanne Sistek, and Reggie Vater.   This committee plans events, such as the annual Ranch Holiday party, and performs Meet and Greet with all new residents.

Trash Bash and Picnic (JoAnna Halda, chair):  Clark Alexander, Don Christ, Dale Goulette, Mike Mullinnix, Reggie Vater.  This committee organizes the annual neighborhood community clean-up and picnic.  They are assisted by the Hospitality Committee. 

      Neighborhood Clean-up / Adopt-A-Road (Judy Wilson, interim chair):  Don Christ, Mike Mullinnix, Mary Rouse, Joanne Sistek, Marianne Reed, and Reggie Vater.  This committee organizes and facilitates each year’s Neighborhood Clean-up and Adopt-a-Road clean-up projects.

Architectural / Environmental Control (Jo Anna Halda, chair):  Don Christ, and Joe Rouse.  This committee reviews all plans submitted for new home and other construction projects (including home, outbuildings, major landscaping, and fencing).  In addition, this committee is responsible for environmental projects such as beetle and pest control, road/shoulder maintenance, and upkeep of the bridle path.   

Fire Mitigation (Judy Wilson, chair):  Chuck Halda and Scott Olafson.  This committee assists the BTR subdivision with its fire mitigation efforts, including but not limited to:  maintaining the BTR fire mitigation program (including the BTR CWPP), securing available grant funding and counseling BTR residents on how to meet specifications for securing that funding, organizing neighborhood fire mitigation projects, and recruiting speakers from the US Forestry Department and county to educate homeowners.

      Well Adjudication (Curtiss Wonsik):  Currently a one-person committee, Curtiss assists homeowners who have questions about or are interested in adjudicating their wells.  In the future, after further investigation by the BTRHOA Board, this committee may be expanded to investigate water rights with respect to the Open Space and easements.

     Community Planning, Zoning / Commissioners Hearings (Judy Wilson, chair):  Carol Alexander.  Members attend county meetings and/or review minutes of those meetings, and report on those meetings to the Board on a regular basis.  The chair provides the webmaster with updates to post to the website.