Board of Director's Meeting


March 16, 2017




The regular board meeting of Burning Tree Ranch Homeowner’s Association (BTRHOA) was called to order by Carol Alexander at 6:43 pm on March 16, 2017 at the home of Joanne Sistek. Tamara Took the minutes for this meeting.




 Present: Carol Alexander, Sylvia Andrus, Tamara Thiess, Joanne Sistek, and Debbie Quella.




items on the Agenda: Clarification of Meeting Dates/Times, Approve minutes from the last Board meeting, President’s Report, Treasurer's Reports, Committee/Project Reports and Board Assignments, Old Business, New Business.


Next Board Meeting:


Thursday, April 20th at 7pm at Joanne Sistek's home.

Discussed scheduling of the next board meeting at each meeting. We will individualize it based on people's schedule


Debbie made a motion to approve the revised February 9, 2017 minutes. Sylvia seconded the motion. The motion was carried unanimously.


Presidents Report:


Carol started with a discussion about a letter she received from Stuart Foster, Plans Examiner, at Douglas County Public Works regarding lot owner # 39's application for a permit to build a new shed. Mr. Foster never received a letter saying it had gone through the HOA Board approval process. Carol emailed Mr. Foster in response and told him it had been approved and provided a copy of the ARC approval letter. Carol made a phone call to lot owner #39 and talked to her about the correspondence between Mr. Foster and herself.  She asked the lot owner to call Mr. Foster as well.


Carol worked on the documents with Joanne Sistek and Sylvia Andrus for the annual dues. Carol clarified the roles of the board members in the dues letter. She wanted to make it clear that Joanne will continue community mailings and directory responsibilities but Tamara will become the Secretary.


Debbie noted that when the secretary is changed, certain duties automatically transfer with the secretary position. For Tamara to become the official Secretary of the BTRHOA, Joanne

needs to go to the Secretary of State website and change the BTRHOA Secretary name to reflect the change to Tamara Thiess as part of the $10 annual fee for having a corporation. She will add Tamara's email, physical address and the HOA P.O. Box on the website. Carol noted that she did update the committees on the annual dues invoices as well. In addition to secretarial duties, Tamara will be in charge of the annual trash bash and will need to arrange for delivery of the trash bins, send out fliers and compile schedule for members to supervise the bins. Joanne will oversee the Adopt-A-Road Event.


Carol received a call from Lot Owner #45 about Lot Owner # 9 dogs running lose on her property. She called because the dogs were following them into their garage and being aggressive. Lot Owner #45 talked to Lot Owner # 9; and Lot Owner #9's response was that it was basically acceptable for the dogs to run loose. Lot Owner # 9 are not HOA members and have no email and no phone number listed in the BTR Directory. Carol told Lot Owner #45 to write Lot Owner's #9 a letter documenting exactly what happened, emphasizing safety concerns for both residents and the animals. Furthermore, she should state that she might have to call animal control in the future.  The HOA Board definitely supports calling animal control if such a situation should happen again.  Plus, the Board would also be willing to write a letter of concern to Lot Owner # 9 if a second offense occurs.


Carol wrote a letter to Lot Owner # 11 to invite him to be Chairman on the ARC (Architectural Review Committee). His response was that he'd be happy to serve on the committee but could not assume the Chairman responsibilities now


Treasurer's report:


Sylvia reviewed the January 2017 report and February 2017 reports. There was no new activity in February. She has received 10 annual dues payments, plus Carol's and will receive Joanne's and Tamara's tonight.

Sylvia also changed the names on HOA Board's Liability Insurance. She removed Mark's name and added herself and Tamara's names. She and Carol also updated banking records at Wells Fargo bank verifying that Sylvia is the new Treasurer, replacing Mark.


Committee/Projects Reports and Board Assignments


Invoices: Joanne will need the annual dues invoices as they are received to keep track of the interest of those wanting to serve on various HOA committees.  


Spring Adopt-A-Road Event:  In previous meetings, we had agreed to do a spring and a fall adopt a road project. Carol got a new contract from Douglas County in December of 2016 in the mail for Debbie, as Vice-President, to sign, make a copy for our records and mail back to Douglas County.


Joanne will need to create a flier with the details of the event to send out to all HOA members. The Board is hoping that adults and children alike will want to participate. Be sure to mention community service value for children and young adults, such as credit for girl scouts, cub scouts, etc.


Using orange trash bags versus black was discussed. Debbie stated that from a legal, liability perspective Douglas County would insist we wear the orange vests provided by them in the past. All the vests and leftover bags are in Lot Owner's # #60 barn. When we used the orange trash bags in the past, it took Douglas County months to come pick them up. Perhaps, we can dispose of them in regular garbage disposal since toxic elements are not in the bags, just paper products, bottles, and wood pieces.  Debbie offered to talk to the authorities to see if we can even use black bags.  Gloves will be needed for this event. Joanne will mention on the flier that residents need to bring work gloves.


Date for Spring Adopt a Road Event: Saturday May 6th: 9am -11am. Donuts/Water to be provided.


Discussion occurred about Annual Trash Bash.  Since previous fliers have shown what is excluded from the trash bins, Tamara will use this template to create current flier for the Trash Bash. She will call Mark for the number of the company that provided bins last year; and will get quotes from at least three business before confirming an order.  Cost for Roll Off Solutions was approximately $530 for both bins last year, Albright has been used in the past; but they were not always as reliable as they should be about picking bins up in timely manner and billing for expenses. Members staffing by shift and supervising the trash bins will need to help organize how things get put in so we use the maximum space.


Date for Annual Trash Bash: Date: June 3, 8am-4pm. Donuts/Water to be provided.



Architectural Review Committee:

Carol briefly reviewed the primary responsibilities of the Chairman of ARC—corresponding with homeowners who anticipate performing construction projects on their property regarding ARC guidelines, specifying time frames for what they need to provide, such as blueprints, to comply, negotiating solutions if conflicts arise, and sending rejection and/or approval letters. Templates are available. The Chair is also ultimately responsible for getting other members of ARC coordinated for meetings. Both the Architectural Review Guidelines and covenants are all up-to-date and available.


Who should Carol approach next for the Chairman position? Joanne will ask her husband and notify Carol of his response. He might be willing to serve as Chairman for a limited time period.  Dan Andrus, Mark Winkler, and Lutz Vater will continue as members of ARC.  We need to check with Judy Wilson and Mike Mullinnix about their feasibility of continuing as ARC members due to personal situations.


Fire Mitigation:

Status of CWPP: the last word Debbie heard from the forestry department was that they couldn't get to it until at least February 2017 due to personnel changes in responsibilities. Debbie wants to get this project finalized in near future. She will follow-up with appropriate authorities.


Community Planning, Zoning, Commissioners Hearings:

Last information was that a new FVPD application would be filed sometime in March 2017. So far, nothing has been filed as of this date.

Old Business:


Need to send correspondence to homeowners regarding current covenants & ARC guidelines. How do we want to disseminate the above? In a letter?  Answer was yes.  Carol will draft a letter.  We could also enclose a copy of the Spring newsletter.  Debbie will send out CWPP as a stand-alone document separately. Discussed status of the 2016 Annual Meeting Minutes: Joanne will work diligently on that project and finish that up. Debbie can do a synopsis on the speakers.  Carol suggested that Joanne reference appropriate attachments, since they can amplify the details of various remarks made during the meeting.


New Business:


Timing of BTR Community Newsletters for 2017: Carol asked Sylvia and Tamara to do a short biographical write-up about themselves for the newsletter--basic, unique and/or humorous remarks welcomed. The newsletter will also include cautions to members regarding extreme fire conditions, emergency preparedness, and websites for references. In addition, details on the spring Adopt-A Road Project, Trash Bash, reminders regarding loose dogs and information about a new ARC Chairman.


Date and location for annual picnic:  Saturday August 5th, tentative.




Joanne: Go to Secretary of State website and make changes. Draft flier for Adopt-A-Road,


Debbie: Sign spring Adopt-A-Road contract and send back to Douglas County (DC). Will get with Lot # 60's son to locate the orange vests. Debbie will call DC to ask about bags getting picked up, clarify why it takes so long, and discuss if bags can just be disposed of via regular trash pick-up.  Will follow up about CWPP (Community Wildfire Protection Plan). Debbie will put some pressure on them for a June completion deadline. Write the newsletter. Current copy to Carol of covenants for homeowner's letter.


Tamara: Call and ask Mark who to call about trash bins and get prices for two or three companies who provide large trash bins for community projects. Use template to draft flier for trash bash—include location, time frames, and prohibited items. Clarify that participation requires homeowners to be dues paying member.   Write summary about herself for the newsletter. Early Summer: Get quotes for bridle path mowing.


Sylvia: Write summary about herself for the newsletter. Monitor status of 2017 dues paying members.


Carol: Work with Joanne to finalize Annual Meeting minutes.  Draft letter to homeowners about current covenants and ARC guidelines. Continue to monitor Franktown Village Development Project.


Next Board Meeting: Thursday, April 20th at 7pm at Joanne Sistek's home.


Carol motioned to adjourn the meeting at 9:09 pm. Tamara seconded the motion.