Board of Director's Meeting

November 3, 2017


The regular board meeting of Burning Tree Ranch Homeowner's Association (BTR HOA) was called to order by Carol Alexander at 9:30 am on November 3, 2017 at the home of Tamara Thiess.

Tamara took the minutes for this meeting.


Present: Carol Alexander, Debbie Quella, Joanne Sistek, Sylvia Andrus, Tamara Thiess, Tammy Denhard.

Clarification of ongoing meeting dates/times for 2017/2018:

The holiday party will be on Saturday, December 9th at 5:30 pm at the Lindberg's house. The next meeting will be Jan 12, 2018 from 9:30 am -11:30 am at Joanne Sistek's home. Then, Feb. 9th from 9:30 am-11:30 am at Joanne Sistek's home.

Approval of August 30, 2017 minutes:

Joanne made a motion to approve the minutes from the August 30, 2017 BTR HOA Board meeting and Sylvia seconded. The motion was approved and carried unanimously.

Status of September 2017 Annual Board Meeting Minutes:

Tamara will type up the September 2017 annual board meeting minutes for approval. The deadline will be January 2018.

President's Report:

Completed update to neighbors re: Withdrawal of Legacy Pines East application.

 Tammy Denhard posted the update on the Nextdoor Neighbor website. Tammy talked to Bob Hier about the withdrawal of the Legacy Pines East Development. He is planning on selling the land for 4.5 million dollars. The green containers on his property are a neighbor's. Bob has allowed them to be placed on his property.

 Conversation with Debbie Quella regarding printing of CWPP and catering the 2017 Holiday Party.

 Conversation with Curtiss Wonsik regarding the list of residents not adjudicating well rights

 Sent update by Diana Love regarding FVPD to board members

Treasurer's Report:

Sylvia sent out the most recent September 2017 treasurer's report. She is going to roll over $2,000 to the checking to make sure there is enough money for catering the holiday party. There are a few typos, she will send out the corrected report to all board members. 2

Debbie motioned to approve the treasurer's report with corrections and Joanne seconded. The motion was approved and carried unanimously.

Committee/Project Reports and Board Assignments:

Architectural/Environmental Control Committee: no new developments

Fire Mitigation: Status of CWPP Printing-Plan for distribution

If we print the document in color, should the CWPP be a HOA Benefit for members only due to costs associated with printing and distribution?

Debbie received bids from 3 different places, including a verbal from Staples. Minutemen came in with two different quotes: $1,210.07 which would include single page color. $811.48 Fed Ex

Just under $1,000 from Staples, verbally.

Carol and Debbie talked about putting the CWPP on the website, so anyone interested in a hard copy can go to the website and print a copy. It's too much money to print out copies for every resident. CWPP cannot be sent out via email to all residents because the document is too large.

Sylvia motioned to approve putting the CWPP on the website with a link and Debbie seconded. The motion was approved and carried unanimously.

The BTR HOA Website needs to be updated. The minutes are public record, but financials are not and password protection access for residents only was discussed.

Hospitality Committee Planning of 2017 Annual Holiday Party

Need a flier created and distributed for the holiday party. Include a line for residents to please RSVP. Also ask attendees to please bring an appetizer and/or 1-2 dozen cookies for a cookie exchange.

Bring gallon zip lock bags to the party for leftovers versus using the host’s resources.

Debbie received a bid from Flying Horse Catering. Copies were passed out and discussed. They will provide the food at serving temperature. We can provide plates, forks, napkins, etc. This bid was just for drop off, they will not stay. They will provide the food and we will do everything else. HOA can do

Liquor (wine, beer, etc.) purchase from Costco at Park Meadows or Sam's Club, as well as sodas, eggnog, and bottled water. Debbie has some soda left over from the last event. The goal is to keep the total cost at $1,200 or under. Estimated attendance: 60 attendees.

Debbie motioned to approve the Flying Horse Catering bid with adjustments to HOA providing paper goods and clarification on line items and Sylvia seconded. The motion was approved and carried unanimously.

Old Business:

Distribution of 2018 Community Directory

Should the Community Directory be a HOA benefit with a charge for non-members?

Agenda for January 2018 meeting should be to stuff envelopes with dues notice so it is sent out promptly. Include: Upon receipt of dues you will receive a new updated directory. Please check the 3

box, yes or no if you need a new directory. Note: Some members received copies at the September annual meeting.

New Business:

Late Fall 2017 BTR Community Newsletter for residents:

Carol spoke briefly with Debbie about doing a newsletter. Can we do a fall newsletter and get it out in November 2017? Debbie will create a draft. Carol will edit. Debbie can add information about the upcoming Christmas party and directory available with payment of 2018 dues. Carol suggested that a copy of the 2017 year in review be attached for members who could not attend the September annual meeting. Also, Debbie could update residents on CWPP being posted to website as well as possible fire mitigation activities during 2018. Include: we want to hear from HOA members interested in helping with a Slash/Mulch Day, e.g. those who have trailers, chainsaws, etc. Maybe send a newsletter after the website has been updated with CWPP as well so we can reference the website.

The slash and mulch site in Castle Rock is going to be moved. The exact location has not been finalized. Include in the newsletter: recycle location in Castle Rock at Prairie Hawk and Wolfsenberger at the Southwest corner. Every Saturday from 10am to noon. No pizza boxes because of the grease. Anything that has the triangular recycle symbol on it can be recycled. Boxes must be flattened. Items need to be cleaned out. For those interested in volunteering, Tammy Denhard will send the information to Debbie for the newsletter.

Action regarding Wonsik's communication regarding residents who have not adjudicated well water rights:

Include in the fall newsletter, history and rationale for the well adjudication process, what has happened with some wells drying up on some properties and/or owners threatening to sell water rights to new developments. If the upper and lower aquifers ultimately dry up, it may not make a difference if you have adjudicated your well water rights; however it is a major advantage if just the upper Dawson aquifer is adversely impacted, because you can drill deeper into the lower Dawson aquifer.

Review Assignments:


Connect with Dale about CWPP link on BTR HOA website and complaints about not posting policies and procedures on the website. Send e-mail to all residents regarding CWPP.

Call Flying Horse Catering to clarify certain line item charges. For example, will they be delivering the food in the heavy-duty trays that can be put them on chafing dishes? Create a flier for the December 9, 2017 holiday Christmas party. It will start at 5:30pm. Please bring 1-2 dozen cookies for the cookie exchange and/or an appetizer to share. Please RSVP.

Create a draft for the fall newsletter.


In charge of getting all paper goods and liquor for the December holiday party. She will contact Scott Lindberg to let him know we are getting the liquor. Sylvia will look for Christmas baggies for the cookie exchange as well for people to take home leftover food. 4


Edit and add to the fall newsletter once created by Debbie. Call Curtiss Wonsik about adjudication of well water rights and writing an article to send out to the residents via email.


Create dues invoices and have them ready to stuff in envelopes at the January meeting.


Type up today's meeting minutes. Type up the annual 2017 HOA meeting minutes before January 2018. Follow-up with Douglas County regarding road repair at the corner of Burning Tree Trail and Burnt Oak Drive, ASAP.


Send the recycle site volunteer information to Debbie for the newsletter.

Next Board Meeting:

January 12, 2018, 9:30 am - 11:30 am at Joanne Sistek's home.

Sylvia motioned to adjourn the meeting at 11:30 am and Debbie seconded the motion. The motion was approved and carried unanimously.